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Message from Chairman Education Board

Bismillah ir Rehman nir Raheem

Assalam- o- Alaikum

It is my privilege to be a part of FEN and contribute to the legacy of quality education that was established nearly 50 years ago.

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Hazrat Ali (A.S)   "One, who enters the places of evil repute has no right to complain against a man who speaks ill of him.!"


Girls Taekwondo Championship 2017
More than 450 students from 20 schools of Karachi participated in this prestigious event. The contest was held in different categories in accordance to weight as approved by the Sindh Taekwondo Association. 4 Fatimiyans won the Gold Medal, 7 won Silver and 4 awarded Bronze Medals.
January 26, 2017
Early closure of School and College - 25 Jan
Fatimiyah Schools & College will close at 12.30 pm today 25 Jan due to Namaz e Janaza of Shaheed Kazim Ali being held at Numaish.
January 25, 2017
1st Position in 5th Art Beat Competition 2016
The Art Beat Competition is held annually to promote visual culture among children and youth of Pakistan. Over 270 schools and 35 community organizations participated in Art Beat Competition 2016. Manal Zehra d/o Syed Aman Ali Zaidi of Fatimiyah Girls’ School (class IV-A) won 1st prize of cash Rs. 7,000/- in Blue Region (Sindh/Balochistan).
January 23, 2017
Amissions in ADE, B.Ed.(Hons) & M.Ed. Programs 2017
Fatimiyah College of Education in affiliation with University of Karachi offering Admissions in ADE, B.Ed. (Hons) and M.Ed. Programs
with NACTE Accreditation and HEC-STEDA Standards
(Need and Merit based Scholarships available)
For Details Call: 0334-3751872, 021-3222-1710 During office hours (From 09:00AM to 05:00PM) or write to fc@fen.edu.pk
January 11, 2017
Fatimiyah Education Network Alumni Association


Assalam o Alaikum,

Fatimiyah Education Network’s Alumni are the most valuable resource for the network and it’s students. Allow us to take this opportunity to further nurture this bond. Do join us at the First Annual Alumni Event organized by Fatimiyah Education Network. Kindly get yourself registered by filling up the form below.

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Muhammad Ali Mooni
Project Supervisor

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